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Global Wine Exchange Limited has over a decade of experience in investing in fine wine. Whilst we are an international investment company with a strong online presence, we are UK based and many of our clients are based in London.

Global Wine Exchange seeks to provide a client-centred approach to investment. We are passionate about wine, passionate about investment and we have niche market knowledge that can help our London clients to make the most of their investment in fine wines.

Gone are the days of having a cellar stocked with dusty bottles of vintage wine (although you can still do this, should you choose to!) In fact, you don’t even need to store your investment wine yourself. At Global Wine Exchange we can take care of the whole investment process; from sourcing the grade quality wine from the most exclusive and famous vineyards. We will then arrange the safe storage of your investment wine in a government bonded warehouse, which keeps your wine in optimal conditions ready for resale when you want to release the funds from your investment.

The fact that you don’t have to physically store the wine yourself is perfect for any London investor who wants an alternative investment but doesn’t have the space for storage or the time to worry about the temperature and general environmental conditions of their personal wine cellar.

Fine wine is a fantastic investment solution for anyone who is sceptical about the current economic conditions in the UK. Stocks and shares and other more traditional investment options have become less certain since the credit crunch of 2008 and the vote to leave the European Union. Even London property investment is losing popularity due to the high costs generated by stamp duty and capital gains tax.

Many potential investors may be concerned about the impact that investment in fine wine can have on the taxes that they might have to pay. The UK government actually classes fine wine as a wasting asset, which has an impact on the way in which wine investments are taxed. A ‘wasting asset’ is an asset that is thought to perish within a 50 year period, so taxation on fine wine is far lower than on other alternative investments. This also means that it is unlikely to be subject to inheritance tax, which can be an important consideration when making an investment with your family in mind.

Global Wine Exchange offers a fantastic individual service to all of their clients. When you invest with Global Wine Exchange, we provide you with five years of access to a portfolio manager who will manage your investment from the very start and who will personally evaluate your portfolio every quarter. This whole process is entirely transparent, and you will have your own personal login to view your portfolio so that you are fully aware of how your investment is doing whether you are physically located in London or sunning yourself in the Bahamas.

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