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Global Wine Exchange is an investment company specialising in fine wines. Alternative investments have been gaining in popularity over the last decade, particularly in the UK. As an investment company in London, Global Wine Exchange recognised the demand for alternative investments which are gaining momentum in the wake of Britain leaving the European Union.

With over ten years of investment experience and a passion for fine wine, Global Wine Exchange has created a truly client-centric approach to investing in fine wines, helping our clients to make the most of their savings and enjoy the process of expanding and diversifying their investment portfolio.

Fine wine is one of the most exciting investments available on the market and we seek to not only make you money but also to share our enthusiasm and passion for global fine wines. As an investment company situated in the UK, we have a unique opportunity to work with London based clients to tap into the wealthy Asian market that has a growing taste for fine wine. Asia is one of the top purchasers of fine wine with the continent’s growing economy and cultural interests in the auspicious qualities of red wine.

Because the pound is comparatively weak against other global currencies, Asian wine enthusiasts are keen to purchase investment wine from the UK as they perceive that they are getting value for money when buying fine wine from the UK. As a global company, we have a wealth of contacts who want to buy the wine that we help our clients to invest in.

All of the fine wine that our clients invest in is stored in UK government bonded warehouses. This means that your wine is kept in the perfect environment to ensure longevity from the product. As your investment company, Global Wine Exchange sees this transaction through from start to finish. We help our investors to source the perfect investment product for their portfolio and we organise transportation to storage, insurances and we do all the necessary paperwork to make the investment as stress-free as possible.

We offer all of our clients a five-year service with their own personal advisor who will manage their fine wine investment portfolio from the moment that the client signs on the dotted line. This includes a quarterly review of your investment and also a personal online login so that every client can review their investment for themselves 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We believe that all investments should be entirely transparent, so we share everything with the client up front about how the investment is performing. We can also arrange for clients to visit the site to see their investment wine for themselves.

Our services really do go above and beyond what most people expect from their London investment company, and our rates for management are far more competitive than most investment companies. We charge a one-off fee of 10% of the total investment, which is invaluable when you consider the personalised service that you will receive.

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