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If you are considering investing your savings in fine wine, it is imperative that you seek expert advice in order to get the very best returns from your investment. The very best wine investment companies are the ones that will have up to date knowledge of the current market, pay attention to detail and understand the needs of the client and their portfolio, staying in regular contact with them rather than taking their money and running.

At Global Wine Exchange, we have over a decade of experience in the investment wine industry and we put the client at the centre of everything we do. We have a passion for fine wine and for helping our clients, new and old, share our love of fine wine and the fantastic returns it can create for your investment portfolio.

What should the best wine investment companies do?

The best wine investment companies should provide every client with a dedicated portfolio manager regardless of the client’s budget or experience. At Global Wine Exchange, our consultant portfolio managers have years of experience in the niche market of fine wine investment and are highly motivated to provide the gold standard of customer care and satisfaction. Our customer hospitality goes beyond what one might expect from customer care. We are at the end of the phone if our clients have any concerns at all, and we operate with transparency at all times so our clients can rest assured that they have invested their money in the way they intended and that their investment wine is safely stored in our bonded warehouses.

Storing your wine in a government bonded warehouse is essential to making the most from your fine wine investment. Many fine wine investment companies will ship your investment wine out to you and leave you to store it. The very best fine wine investment companies like Global Wine Exchange will arrange for your wine to be delivered and stored in a government bonded warehouse. This is important because your fine wine investment will be fully insured and kept at the optimum temperature and condition required for a serious wine enthusiast or future investor to purchase the wine from your collection.

Bonded warehouse storage not only offers peace of mind, but it also allows certain tax breaks on your investment. When you choose to diversify your investment portfolio with an investment in fine wine, be sure that you find a reputable company that can help you to store your assets appropriately rather than taking your money and leaving you with something potentially worthless in the wrong conditions.

What makes Global Wine Exchange one of the best wine investment companies?

All of our consultant portfolio managers are trained to provide the very best in a comprehensive and efficient service. Our knowledge and dedication to the fine wine investment market is evident in our professional approach. We take great pride in the quality of the product and the services that we offer. We work hard to source the very best opportunities for our clients and we make ourselves accessible and easy to talk to.

Each of our valued clients has access to their own account via a unique login on our website, so our clients can check on their investment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from wherever they are in the world. This means that you do not need to be physically located in the UK to take advantage of our professional services, which is particularly useful if you travel regularly on business, as we know many of our clients do. A further service that we also offer to our clients is a quarterly portfolio evaluation to make sure that the investment is working the way that it should for each individual client. We do this because your investment is important to us, and we strive to work for each individual and their specific investment vision.

We treat each client with respect, and we only ever advise clients with their best interests at heart. We endeavour to be as transparent in the investment process as possible. This level of transparency is market leading and all of our clients should be safe in the knowledge of how their money has been invested and where their wine is being stored. This is a service that we are rapidly expanding to meet the needs of our clients as they emerge. We even hope to offer tastings in the future so that our clients know exactly what they have invested in and what they might hope to invest in for the future.

Investment in fine wine

In essence, an investment in fine wine should be a pleasure rather than a chore if you use the right fine wine investment company. At Global Wine Exchange, we pride ourselves in putting the client first, and by leading every transaction with a personally tailored approach.

Our clients return to us time and time again. This is because we not only have the most up to date and in-depth knowledge of the fine wine investment market but because our client is king in everything that we do. We have a passion for fine wine and a passion for investing in profitable wines that will generate a fantastic yield in the right market conditions. We have contacts all around the world, especially in the lucrative Asian market, where fine wine is in constant demand.

If you are considering an investment in fine wine, we guarantee that Global Wine Exchange is one of the best fine wine investment companies in our field and we will do our up-most to share our passion with you. We hope to help you to not only understand the fine wine investment market but also to help you to generate returns for you to invest in your future endeavours.

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